Blueberry extract may help reduce "baby blues"
Publishers: admin   Time: 2017-03-16   Read: 95
A supplement kit containing blueberry juice has been shown to banish the "baby blues". Scientists designed the treatment to beat feelings of sadness that often hit women after giving birth.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) found a stark contrast in the emotional stability of 21 new mothers who were given two amino acids to compensate for the loss of mood-regulating chemicals, plus a blueberry extract for anti-oxidant effects, compared to a control group of 20 who did not receive the supplements in the days after giving birth.

The women taking the dietary supplements did not experience any depressed mood, the researches found, while the women who were not taking the supplements had a significant increase in depression scores.

"We believe this is the first study to show such a strong, beneficial effect of an intervention in reducing the baby blues at a time when postpartum sadness peaks," lead author Dr. Jeffrey Meyer said in a media release on Tuesday.

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